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Renters: Protect Your Personal Information

ClearScreening’s SmartScreen gives you the ability to apply for a rental while protecting your personal information. SmartScreen provides a direct gateway to TransUnion’s secure consumer site. You provide your sensitive information, such as SSN and date of birth, directly to TransUnion rather to an unknown landlord or third-party and your Credit report and Criminal report along with your personal information are removed off the system 60 days from the day the report was posted.


Protect Your Information

When your prospective landlord uses SmartScreen to check your credit and criminal background information, you will not need to write down your SSN or date of birth; this information is entered directly to TransUnion. Neither the landlord nor SmartScreen are given this information by entering it with TransUnion. The reports given to the landlord via SmartScreen DO NOT contain personally identifiable information such as your SSN, date of birth, or account numbers. TransUnion also verifies your identity against information they have on file to ensure that the correct information is sent to your landlord.

Protect Your Credit

SmartScreen also helps safeguard your credit against damage caused by inquiries. Because you enter your information into TransUnion’s website directly, the inquiry is considered consumer-initiated. Therefore it is considered a “soft hit” and DOES NOT impact your credit score.

How SmartScreen Works

You’ll be required to give your email address to your landlord as part of your application process. Once the landlord submits his/her request to screen your background information, you’ll receive an email from us informing you of the request – it will contain the address of the property you have applied for to identify the request as valid. You’ll click on the link within the email that will direct you to TransUnion’s secure website, where you’ll be asked to enter in your personal information. You’ll be asked a series of questions to verify your identity. Once you submit your answers, your reports will be sent to the requesting landlord. He/she will be notified and be able to make a decision once they review the information provided.

FOR STEP-BY-STEP INSTRUCTIONS, PLEASE CLICK HERE OR COPY/PASTE THIS LINK INTO YOUR BROWSER  https://smartscreen.clearscreening.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/RenterInstructions.pdf

If you’re looking for an apartment and are interested in having your landlord screen you through SmartScreen, talk to him/her about SmartScreen before you release any of your sensitive information. Please direct him/her to our website https://smartscreen.clearscreening.com or have him/her contact us at info@clearscreening.com or 949-215-0180.